A-Fund supports Ilya Romanov’s recovery after stroke

Ilya Romanov is a Russian anarchist who had a stroke and was fully paralised and transferred to the prison hospital on October 24, 2019. His lawyer couldn’t meet him for a long time and relatives were not able to pass the necessary medicines. The lawyer filed a petition about releasing Ilya because of his illness. At the moment, his condition is considered to be stable.

Ilya Romanov is imprisoned for an alleged attempt of a terrorist attack and apologizing terrorism. Previously he spent 10 years in prison in Ukraine.

Ilya needs a lot of funds for medicine and rehabilitation. The decision-making crew of A-Fund decided to send to his solidarity group 632 euros. You can also support him by using the accounts of ABC-Moscow.

If you want to make sure that any anarchist anywhere in a similar situation is supported, you should really kick in to International Anarchist Defense Fund!

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