If you or someone you know are facing (financial) troubles as a result of their political activism, you can apply to get some funding from the A-Fund. The basic conditions are that we help anarchists who face consequences as a result of their activism, or people who face consequences because they were involved in anarchist activities without being anarchists themselves. This can include state repression or the need to pay medical bills in case of health injury. Every case is seen into by the decision-makers individually, who can decide to help in exceptional situations that don’t fall under this rule, or to not support a case like described above. If you have more questions, see section Frequently Asked Questions.

In order to better analyse each case and be sure it’s real, we need some information about it. Please complete the following request form. Mind that the info will be sent unencrypted, so if you need more privacy, send us an email with your PGP and attach the answer to the form.

Request for support
Please fill in the following form and answer these questions to help us consider your application
The A-Fund is there to support anarchists or people who have problems because they were involved in anarchist activities
Provide links to articles that confirm what happened, if you can
The A-Fund ussually only donate 10% of the Fund, but is useful to decision-makers to have a reference about how much is need it
Please consider is possible we or the decision-maker don’t know your region or some specific persons. Please try, when is possible, to be vouching for some collective or well-known persons. Provide email addresses to reach them. (provide email addresses and names)