О проекте


We function as a collective of trusted individuals who deal with different tasks around keeping the Fund going. There are various roles people can hold in the collective: from spreading information to dealing with finances.

We need some more hands to keep the work run smoother and to prevent the bulk of work to fall on a few members. If you would like to be part of the A-Fund collective, please read on. We would like to state clearly here that before you decide to apply, please consider the time and energy levels you have and ask yourself again if this is something you want to commit to right now. It’s important for us to rely on each other in the work and we also are concerned with security: the information we share is not safe if people who are not committed to the collective have access to it (even with best intentions). If your energy levels are a bit down these times (happens often with all of us), consider informing us of the possible support you can offer as a volunteer, and we will try to find a way to collaborate.

Об А-фонде

Наш коллективная структура солидарности создана для помощи преследуемым и попавшим в трудную ситуацию анархистам по всему миру.

The Anarchist Defence Fund incorporates the mode of solidarity introduced by the International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund which successfully provides similar support to antifascists.

Фонд Защиты Анархистов использует модель солидарности предложенную Anti-Fascist Defence Fund, который оказывает поддержку антифашистам.

Каждый кто поддержал фонд на 20$, в течении года может участвовать в группе по принятию решений. Группа консенсусом решает кому фонд должен оказать поддержку.

the social

Anarchist around the world are fighting for a new world.
The A-Fund is an initiative to distribute resources around the world,
solidarity between comrades