Recent cases supported by the International Anarchist Defense Fund

Last year, by consensus decision of its members, the International Anarchist Defence Fund, provided financial support in various amounts to Toby Shone, Western Greece Messolonghi, Ukrainian anarchist community, ABC Belarus and Gabriel Pombo da Silva. The money transferred is always 10% of the funds we have available at the time.

Toby Shone

The fund contribution was used to help pay for his legal representation in what was an ultimately successful legal challenge against the imposition of a Serious Crime Prevention Order that would have severely limited his militant activities.

Western Greece Messolonghi

Some comrades of the antielegxou collective requested financial support to pay some bail due to their political activities.

“Against Control” (antielegxou) is an ongoing struggle effort of anarchists and anti-fascists on the streets and squares against the state, fascists and any form of authority since 2017.

Anarchist community in Ukraine

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the anarchist community called for support to bring their families and friends safely, support people who need to leave the country and establish a place to live, organise resistance to protect their neighbourhoods, get necessary goods and medical supply to survive.

ABC Belarus

The comrades of ABC-Belarus are running out of money due to the latest revolt in the region and the brutal repression of the Lukashenko dictatorship. They have asked for our support and collaboration in their Crowdfunding campaign.

For more than 10 years, ABC-Belarus has been supporting antifascists, anarchists and other political prisoners in their struggle against the dictatorship of Alexander Lukashenko. The last uprising in 2020 provoked a huge wave of repression against activists of all kinds.

Right now more than 2100 people are in prison for political reasons. Among them, 30 are anarchists and anti-fascists. ABC-Belarus needs donations to continue supporting the repressed antifascists and anarchists in the country.

Gabriel Pombo da Silva

The oldest anarchist prisoner in Spanish prisons (32 years in total). He is in a situation of disguised life imprisonment, as he has already served his sentence but a legal limbo promoted by the powers of the State keeps him kidnapped. His situation requires financial support both to finance his judicial struggle in Spain and in Europe and to support his partner and daughter.

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