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We are proud to be part of the decision-making crew of the IADF. Their process is very simple and transparent, it’s direct support here and now. Structures like IADF are also of great help to groups like ours, we can ask them for financial support or forward local activists to the A-Fund if we are experiencing hard times. Don’t hesitate and donate!


As an anti-prison and solidarity group we know about the importance of (new) anarchist soli-structures and especially in times of increasing worldwide organized repression against emancipatory anti-authoritarian movements these structures become more and more important.
We especially like the simple, transparent and anti-hierarchical decision making, the spreading of information about repression cases and the “redistribution” of soli-money between differently privileged movements/groups/people worldwide.
That is why we support the A-


Vienna, Austria


In a world where our enemies are global and are internationally organized, it’s extremely important that we the anarchist are as well. IADF is a key organization in this idea and a tremendous help for organizations and struggles are around the globe. Do not hesitate to join the fund and participate in the coming projects.

Anarchistische Groep A’dam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Infoladen Samizdat

As an anarchist structure we support an idea of a defense fund with horizontal structure. First of all, because anarchists are always in a risk group and at the same time many other organizations are not supporting them during repressions. Second, because it gives a chance to anyone in our movement to not only rely on existed structures, but to be involved in solidarity directly. We wish a success of A-fund as a structure, an idea and an experiment.

Infoladen Samizdat

Leipzig, Germany

the social

Anarchist around the world are fighting for a new world.
The A-Fund is an initiative to distribute resources around the world,
solidarity between comrades